Saturday, December 24, 2011


The first Christmas tree was quite different,
Very different than our own,
Though humble by all measures of man,
Displayed beauty, of man, unknown.

No stunning array of colors and shapes,
Yet, a few strips of silver were there-
With tiny ribbons of richest red,
Flowing down it's form so bare.
Two simple branches adorned that first tree,
So plain, without a needle green.
And only one brilliant star, but yet,
Though not on top, clearly seen.

Twas not surrounded by presents below,
No packages stacked deep and wide.
It carried but one, priceless gift,
Secured so firm to it's side.
No strings of glowing and twinkling bulbs,
Adorned it with hues very bright.
Yet out from it holy radiance shined,
Out of darkness a singular light.

Not a wreath of nature's fir, or pine
Wrapped round it's peak in that way.
But indeed, a ring of man's design
Crowned it's lowly head on that day.

The first Christmas tree, you see, my friend,
Was our Savior's old rugged cross.
Where our Maker, Lord, and Sovereign died,
Our rescue from infinite loss.

With spikes of silver in hands and feet,
A crown of thorns in His brow.
Rivers of red flowed down His face,
Atoning for sins even now.

The Light of the world, the Son our sun,
Blackened by wicked Earth's strife.
Bearing our sin, rebellion, and pain,
By death bringing eternal life.

In stained glass, in cards, in pictures in frames,
Depicting Christ in a manger.
The world prefers to remember Him there,
For a baby thus poses no danger.

But you see, He's the gift, the marvelous gift,
 Given so you could go free!
 He died in your place, receive Him, my friend-
 The cross is the real Christmas tree.

Christmas is not about a harmless baby lying in a manger, but rather, an innocent Savior dying on a cross.
Christmas is not about giving gifts UNDER a tree, but about receiving a gift that was ON the tree.
Christmas is not about what we give each other, but rather, what God gave to us in the person of His Son.
Christmas is not about friends and family only, rather, it is about the opportunity to become part of God's family.
Christmas is not about Mary, Joseph, shepherds, or wise men, it is about Jesus, the Lamb of God, who died to take away the sins of the world.
Christmas is not about stockings hung on a wooden mantle, but about our Lord Jesus hanging on a wooden cross.
Christmas is not about being naughty or nice, but rather, it is about realizing that we are sinners, and that Jesus was willing to die for us.

Now, that truly is a cause to be MERRY, merry indeed.

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