Thursday, April 1, 2010


Often when discussing different issues of theology, logic, and reasoning, someone will say, "I wish you would put what you just said in writing online, I could use it for such-and-such."

Since the primary objective of this blog is to demonstrate the validity of the Christian faith through sound reasoning involving logic, history, science, and Biblical discussion, I thought it would be wise to ask for future blog entry topics.

Maybe someone at work has asked you a "good question" that you didn't have a quick answer for, or a professor made some anti-Christian salvos in the middle of class and you would like some of your own logical-ammo to (lovingly) lob back towards the podium. Whatever the case, we all experience those moments that we wish we were better prepared to do as the apostle Peter encouraged: "Be ready to give a reasoned defense to everyone who asks you..."

We know that the answers are out there, we know that the evidence and the rational responses are available, but we can't seem to enumerate them as smoothly or as succinctly as we would like to be able to.

Use the comments section directly below to submit questions, problems, and challenges. We will do our best to find the resources, the reasoned responses, and the evidence you need. It is our goal to do this in a new blog entry for those questions we have time to answer.

This blog is here to help, and now, by submitting questions, you can help it help others. (Yes, we said help three times...we just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention)

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