Thursday, April 15, 2010

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  1. So....the age of fossils is determined, along with carbon dating (depending on their expected age other radiometric methods of measurement may be used), by dating the age of the rocks they are found in. depending on the estimated age and composition of the rocks one or more of the following methods will be used: potassium argon dating, rubidium strontium dating, even uranium thorium dating to name a very few. this data is then coupled with the data obtained by dating the fossils and should they agree, moves one step closer to being recognized by the scientific community. hope this clears up all misunderstandings

    1. Reggie, thanks for your comment, but you have highlighted a misconception. Radiometric dating (primarily) applies to PRIMARY strata (igneous,etc). Since the overwhelming majority of fossils (over 99%) occur in SEDIMENTARY deposits (secondary layers) then radiometric methods are invalidated since stratigraphic sedimentary deposits cannot be dated in this fashion. Carbon dating can be helpful, if one is willing to take into account the basic assumptions that it entails (carbon radical percentage in atmosphere at time of death, non-contamination, etc)


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