Thursday, April 8, 2010

Darwin's Dilemmas...again

The headlines are, once again, filled with the premature, yet prevalent news of another "missing link" of supposed human evolution. Let me (maybe) be the first to introduce you to your long lost cousin, five times removed: Australopithecus sediba. It's another in a long line of supposed precursors to --- to --- US.

Remember Lucy (that's her on the left), and Hesperopithecus (Nebraska man hoax), Piltdown man (hoax) , Homo neanderthalensis, and  the pre-human 'Hobbit' or Homo floresiensis, and who could forget Ida (Darwinius masillae) that scrambled across the headlines of every paper and science mag a few months back. (Ida is the cute little squirrel-like fossil below.)(photo is courtesy of: Jens L. Franzen, Philip D. Gingerich, Jörg Habersetzer1, Jørn H. Hurum, Wighart von Koenigswald, B. Holly Smith)

Ida  "pushed back our understanding of human evolution at least 20 times farther back than previously known."  

Wow---they make it sound like evolution is completely proven, now we are just sorting out the details.


Isn't it interesting that humanity is one of the few creatures that inhabit the earth in which all living members are of the same species? Think about that for just a minute. Every person, out of the 7 billion or so who walks this earth, is the exact same species. When you take into account all of the supposed precursors to homo sapiens, where are all of the sub- or near-human relations of mankind? Surely any creature later than any Australo would undoubtedly be the most advanced and evolved mammal, capable of intelligent survival techniques and should be flourishing to this very day. Yet, there aren't ANY, not even one. Hmmmm.

When you take into account that current Darwinian evolution adherents are espousing a 5 million year + range for the progression from near-man to man, the lack of diversity of species around homo sapiens is not only a great mystery---it's a Darwinian deal breaker.


These finds aren't precursors to the one species of mankind, they are merely primates, extinct primates. Lucy, the center piece of the supposed human evolution drama, is strikingly similar in many ways to living chimpanzees, pygmy chimpanzees specifically.  The fossil record is clear, it is not a tree as you often see in high school textbooks, it is demonstrably several bushes.

The order is: large number of species, relative stasis, extinction---not evolution. To say that almost-human ancestors would have died out (as the most developed and intelligent mammals) is ludicrous. It is one of many unanswerable problems for Darwinian evolution to face. To say that we have many thousands of species of other, inferior, mammals who flourished yet early man died out is absurdity of the highest biological order.

When will logic and science actually prevail over the ardent faith of Darwinian dogma? When will real scientists arise who will let the facts speak for themselves instead of forcing a debunked and failed framework upon a conflicted profession? Shame on all of us for allowing a prior commitment of validating a philosophical position, rather than doing the high and noble purpose of real scientific investigation.

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