Friday, January 8, 2010

God and the Universe Part 1

Let's have some fun.

Using logic:
A. There are only 2 possibilities for the universe (according to the Law of the Excluded Middle)

1. The universe (with all attendant matter/energy, forces, and space) is eternal (i.e. uncaused)
2. The universe is the result of an external cause (let's call that "The Creator"---don't get worried about any implications on this, just a term)

B. There is compelling evidence of a finite universe (in terms of time, matter/energy/space) (example: inflation, red-shift, 1st and 2nd law of thermo, etc)

C. We have observed information systems in nature (especially DNA)

D. Information systems require a language (coder-decoder)

E. We have never observed a language (or specified complexity) without an intelligent source

Therefore, considering that the universe cannot be infinitely old (from B)---

and considering that all events (in this universe) must have a precedent cause

and considering that there cannot logically be an infinite regress of causes (law of cause and effect and the impossibility of infinite time(B))

and considering that there exists information systems requiring transcendental intelligence (C,D,E)

...we can logically necessitate a causal agent that exists outside of our time-space-matter/energy continuum that is both uncaused and intelligent.

The question of "where did an uncaused cause (God) derive from?" is much hype, but offers little satisfaction due to its flawed premise.

It's like asking the question, "What does the color blue taste like?" You can ask it, but it is a meaningless query.

This should be good seed for future philosophical and even theological meanderings...


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